Check out what our drivers are saying about us:

"I've had a contract with Quality Drive Away for several years, and I can say without question that it is one of the best Drive Away companies in the industry. Since I contracted with Quality, I found the dispatchers have always gone out of their way to make sure drivers have a way to get to their next location, after dropping off a customer’s vehicle, without being stranded or spending a lot of money on transportation costs. The dispatchers will help drivers find public transportation to the area of their delivery. Quality Drive Away never forces dispatch, however if there is a load that has been sitting for a long period of time at one of Quality Drive Away’s lots, the dispatcher may ask a driver to help deliver the vehicle to the customer. The driver will then receive another load to make up for the money he/she lost while helping the customer. Finally, I found Quality Drive Away is the only company that has multiple settlements in a day, making sure their driver's always have financial means to move on to their next load. I believe once a driver comes on board, they will be with the Quality Drive Away for years to come."

– Arthur Pressley

"Quality Drive Away lives up to its name every day by having clear communication with their employees and by responding to employee questions in a timely manner. Quality Drive Away always has available work for their drivers. They also pay well and most importantly, they pay promptly."

– Jon Bard

"With QDA I can enjoy the freedom of picking where I want to go and deciding how I’m going to manage my trips on my own time. I like working with a dispatcher that is aware of the possible difficulties I might encounter on the road and is there to offer me assistance when I need it. Quality Drive Away has a wonderful, supportive team that keeps their drivers safe and informed about truck laws and safety. This ensures that they have a great and profitable experience transporting loads. I love working as a contract driver with QDA."

– Denishea Shorter